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DELSYS is one of the leading automation solutions and service providers as the company personnel bring in rich and varied automation experience together with domain expertise. The company can efficiently design and execute complex industrial automation requirements there by helping process industries acquire, deploy, manage, implement the state-of-the-art technology in a wide range of process solutions.

DELSYS has implemented many turnkey projects with supply, calibration, loop checking and commissioning of field instrumentation like pressure transmitters, differential pressure transmitters, temperature transmitters, and control valves along with the PLC/SCADA system.

The expertise involved in these turnkey projects includes

Understanding the specifications & requirements of the customer, preparing vendor specifications, attending technical meetings and discussions with customers and vendors.
Design and engineering of Instruments, panels, development of detailed panel layout, PLC/DCS system drawings, preparation of BOM, Power supply and distribution schemes, preparation of IO list, terminal schedule, loop drawings, preparation of block diagrams, Software development & SCADA development.
Supply of chain management, sourcing of proper instruments, designing and supply of control system, integration of hardware, software and FAT.
Site installation, supervision, commissioning and SAT.


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